Villa Virpukka

  • VILLA VIRPUKKA is completed in 2011 and is a high quality and versatile holiday-lodge.
  • VILLA VIRPUKKA is a separate house in the Levi-mountain’s Ounaskumpu. Address is Ettotie 24, 99130 Levi. The lodge is equipped with modern home appliances.
  • VILLA VIRPUKKA is located in a very peaceful surrounding, yet close to services and activities.
  • LEVI Golf course is ca. 2.4 km away. Only a 1000 m walk.
  • VILLA VIRPUKKA accommodates from 8 to 10 persons. There are beds for eight and also a roomy sofa bed for two.
  • There are many fine details in VILLA VIRPUKKA. Wireless internet, large TVs (50 in and 42 in), Blue Ray/DVD players (2 pcs) and side-by-side refrigerator with ice cube/crushed ice dispencer.
  • VILLA VIRPUKKA is also suitable for disabled persons.
  • Bring your family or why not come together with your family friends. You can use this lodge for your company meetings, too.

Information and reservations

Villa Virpukka
Ettotie 24
99130 Kittilä
Telephone: 016-639 3300
Web orders: